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As a modern and innovative company, we plan with BIM – Building Information Modelling. Our aim is to achieve a significant reduction in construction costs by increasing productivity. We bring digitalization in trade to life and use state-of-the-art working and communication methods for this purpose.


Planning / BIM

As a modern and innovative company, we plan your building project according to the BIM method. Building Information Modelling is the future of planning and visualizing buildings.
BIM stands for both efficiency in the construction industry and optimized planning. We make complex projects clearer and more manageable through a digital network that includes all those involved in the construction. We offer cost security through virtual planning and representation of the structure before construction begins. We create the conditions for a high degree of prefabrica-tion and reduce your construction costs by significantly increasing productivity. We are able to transfer digital plans of building components, e.g. wall elements made of lightweight steel con-struction, to process-controlled production plants.
Building Information Modelling offers enormous advantages, especially in the area of facility management, right up to the management of the constructed property and will become indispen-sable in the future.

Advantages of BIM

  • Improved quality of data, as they all go back to a common database and are constantly synchronized
  • Immediate and continuous availability of all topical and relevant data for all parties involved
  • Improved exchange of information among those involved in planning
  • Continuous data preparation throughout the entire life cycle of buildings



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